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Video: Billet for a Superpass

If you haven't seen it on MySpace, check out this entertaining video by Mark Baratelli asking patrons to house out-of-town performers. Beth Marshall will give you a Fringe Superpass if you do!

Do you know any other festivals that give free tickets for services like this?

Something From the MySpace

Remember that weird ad PUSH Interactive showed off last year, with an intern standing on the street corner holding a sign? Apparently that is the genius plan by the Webby-award-winning group... to take pictures of people holding signs. On Monday February 12th down at Loch Haven Park, they're having a photo shoot, and you're to bring a sign, and it can say just about anything (as long as you're cool with them printing it on a poster.

To The Winners and the Future of Theatre - Podcast 07

Blogging Fringe Podcast 07
Length: 48:07

Wilson Loria, Jeremy Seghers and Brandon Haydon join Ryan Price to speak about To The Winners, a one-man show by Wilson, produced by Jeremy and with original music by Brandon. The conversation gets into the future of theatre and performing arts in general.

Wilson Loria: To The Winners

To The Winners

Show: To The Winners
Venue: Studio Theater (Orlando Centroplex)
Show time: Fri Jan 26, 8:00 PM; Sat Jan 27, 8

7th Annual Fab Fringe Fundraiser

Show: 7th Annual Fab Fringe Fundraiser
Venue: Orlando Repertory Theater, Purple Venue
Show time: Mon Feb 19, 6:00 - 10:00pm;
Tickets: $35/person; $50/couple; $20/Performers(2007);
Call: 407-648-0077; ryan [AT] orlandofringe DOT org
Raffle: $5/each; 5/$20;
Prizes: Spa Packages; Hotel Stays; Theatre Tickets; Resturants; Fringe Superpasses;

New! Blogtracker and Video

If you visit our web site over at, you will see a handful of new pages.

Starlight: Cabaret for $12, Student Price

Over at Starlight Theater's MySpace Blog you see an exciting deal: $12 for the opening weekend of Cabaret, as in the musical, which is an enourmous savings over the regular price. They also made the deal for a Friday night, when Starlight also does a cabaret night with a full bar after the show.

Patroncast for 2007 in Orlando

Does Blogging Fringe get to post stuff to Patroncast? I guess so. What is Patroncast? Well our good friend Mark Baratelli has put together a little video to help us out. He even lets us know that Patroncast is now open for submissions.

Exclusive Announcement, Retraction

Keeping exclusivity in mind, I won't spoil it for you, but I will say this is something we discussed on our Fringe Thinktank Podcast that we never thought could happen.

I also want to make a formal retraction of some state

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