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VoiceMail Reviews: Wanderlust

Download VoiceMail Review 04
Length: 2:09

Pink Venue
5/16 SAT 7:25PM, 5/17 SUN 12:00PM, 5/18 MON 7:40PM, 5/19 TUE 11:00PM, 5/21 THU 9:20PM, 5/23 SAT 2:35PM, 5/24 SUN 9:10PM

Martin Dockery's performance was likened to "the first time you saw TJ Dawe" by the Orlando Sentinel. I tend to agree with the reviewer. Go and see this comical one-man show.

The Karate Guy

Michael Marinaccio and Eric Pinder give us a fun look at 80's teen movie parody "The Karate Guy". Pink Venue at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. http://orlandofringe.org/node/307

VoiceMail Reviews: Cary from the Cock

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 1:20

Cary From The Cock
Red Venue
5/14 THU 11:50PM, 5/15 FRI 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 7:50PM, 5/17 SUN 6:10PM, 5/19 TUE 7:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 9:30PM

New York's Cary Curran talks about her life as a Fag Hag, sings, dances, and even becomes a hot dog for the sake of showbusiness.

VoiceMail Reviews: Accolades and Graces

Download VoiceMail Review 02
Length: 1:42

Accolades and Graces
Silver Venue
5/16 SAT 2:40PM, 5/17 SUN 4:20PM, 5/18 MON 8:55PM, 5/19 TUE 8:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 2:10PM

Yow Dance and some Fringe veteran dancers, with a little help from some live musicians, bring a different kind of dance show to the 2009 Orlando Fringe.

Department of Angels

What is a day in the life of an angel like? Ben Schave and Caitlin Riley answer that question in their funny and endearing silent show. Green Venue at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

Department of Angels
Green Venue
5/14 THU 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 5:30PM, 5/17 SUN 10:30PM, 5/20 WED 7:40PM, 5/21 THU 11:00PM, 5/23 SAT, 10:15PM, 5/24 SUN 5:00PM

Poetry Vending Machine and Poetry Smackdown

J Bradley will be hosting a Poetry SMACKDOWN on both Saturday nights of Fringe - with celebrity judges, and lots of... Insanity.

Adrienne's Favorite Fringe Food

Adreinne gives us the skinny on what's good at the 2009 Fringe. Namely, hot dogs.

Fringe Crush 2009: Logan

Logan tells all in this Fringe Crush video...

Sister Mary Ignatious Explains it All to You
Yellow Venue
5/14 THU 11:30PM, 5/16 SAT 5:00PM, 5/18 MON 6:00PM, 5/20 WED 7:40PM, 5/22 FRI 10:00PM, 5/23 SAT 1:40PM, 5/24 SUN 7:40PM

Hoop de Doo at Fringe

Lacy from the Orlando Community Hooping Initiative (CHI) tells us about her plans for a Hula-Hooping meetup at Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park every Thursday from 6-8PM.

According to the flyer, poi spinners, jugglers, drummers, musicians, circus artists and other skill toy technicians are welcome.

The Game Has Officialy Started!

About 30 game cards are now floating around the festival... I know that's a very small number, considering there are tens of thousands of people that will shuttle through Loch Haven Park in the next 2 weeks, but it's a start.

Picking Mushrooms
Their mission was to pick mushrooms together.

Loving on a Bald Person
Anna's achievement of "Loving up on a Bald Person".

Sharing Photos
Theresa, Kids' Fringe Producer, brought up a good point - if it says "photo", or if I choose to use a photo as my proof, what do I do with it?

I say just post it wherever you normally do. If you use Flickr, that's my #1 recommendation. MySpace and Facebook are fine too. Some of you may have Picasa, Photobucket, Twitpic or other photo-sharing sites.

Wherever you put your photos, if you DON'T want them re-posted here, please say so.

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