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Visual Fringe Day 1 with Anna McCambridge

Viual Fringe has already sold 12 pieces! Congrats to all the artists who were so awesome that someone bought their work so fast! There are 156 pieces in Visual Fringe this year, so take some time to check out all the unjuried art at the 2009 festival.

Ribbon-Cutting Event for Mayor of Orange Avenue

Brian Feldman, dully appointed Grand Marshall of Whatever, opened the line for the first night of shows of Albert Pergande's The Mayor of Orange Avenue. The show is based (I don't know how faithfully) on real Orlando people, places, and events, with the evil Central Hospital wanting to take over the whole block, and the sappy little antique shop that seems to have all odds against it.

The Mayor of Orange Avenue

Pink Venue

5/14 THU 9:50PM, 5/16 SAT 12:00PM, 5/17 SUN 7:10PM, 5/19 TUE 7:40PM, 5/20 WED 11:40PM, 5/23 SAT 4:20PM, 5/24 SUN 3:20PM

VoiceMail Reivews: Mayors and Sisters

Download VoiceMail Review 01
Length: 2:01

Two shows by local companies:

Sister Mary Ignatious Explains it All to You
Yellow Venue
5/14 THU 11:30PM, 5/16 SAT 5:00PM, 5/18 MON 6:00PM, 5/20 WED 7:40PM, 5/22 FRI 10:00PM, 5/23 SAT 1:40PM, 5/24 SUN 7:40PM

The Mayor of Orange Avenue
Pink Venue

The Whuffie Factor (AKA the Game) Orlando Fringe

This year at the Fringe, Blogging Fringe has created a game we hope you're really going to love. The object is to earn Whuffie, which is the most valuable currency known to man.


What's a Whuffie?

Whuffie are virtual points which represent respect, a "Reputation Currency". You earn whuffie as people credit you out of respect, gratitude, pity, lust, love, or any other motive for popularity.

"Whuffie recaptured the true essence of money: in the old days, if you were broke but respected, you wouldn't starve; contrariwise, if you were rich and hated, no sum could buy you security and peace. By measuring the thing that money really represented — your personal capital with your friends and neighbors — you more accurately gauged your success".

Radio Rickshaw Fringe Episodes Begin!

We all know Radio Rickshaw, and follow closely their coverage of the Fringe. John and Dan's official "Fringe Season" has begun, and here are some of their offerings:

Orlando Fringe Festival Preview 2009
This is an episode from the Fringe Preview on April 13th, recorded live with dozens of performers.

Episode 85: John’s Playhouse
This is an episode with Ryan Price (that's me) as a special guest, talking about Blogging Fringe's plan for this year.

Episode 78: Wayburn and Cory’s Bromance
A few episodes back, they had Wayburn Sassy on as a guest.

Tweets from Fringe Preview

Fringe Reviews, Awards, Guides and more from the Daily City

Mark Baratelli's incredible arts and culture blog is going after Fringe in a big way. This year, the Daily City will bring you an opportunity to give back to Fringe. Daily City Fringe coverage

Find helpful links, ALL the reviews, festival info, shows, and awards, ALL ON ONE PAGE. That's mobile-phone friendly, and you can't beat that. Mark is a genius, and he's proved it once again.

You all remember Mark from his shows like Improv Cabaret and How Do You Feel?, but Mark has also been the man behind the curtain of the official Fringe web presence for the last few years.

How to Fringe with Beth, Wayburn, Doug and Dewie

Some of your Fringe Faithful have a few things to say about this year's festival, and they've put it in video form. For the lazy, just read the bullet points:

  • Save your pennies - Buttons are $8 this year
  • Keep it green - your second program is $1
  • Tickets will be at the Orlando REP as well. That's Fabulous!


I Heart Fringe
The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival invites you to show your love for Fringe by attending I Heart Fringe, this year’s Fab Fringe Fundraising event, at 6:00 pm on Monday, February 16th at the Lowndes Shakespheare Center in Loch Haven Park.

The event will feature performances by veteran Fringe favorites, including VarieTEASE, Voci Dance, CineDance Jazz Dance, Pepe, Jeff Jones, and Checkerboard Productions,

Ask OCPS Board Members to Maintain Arts in Schools at February Town Hall Meetings

From the United Arts of Central Florida group on Facebook:

Now is the time to let members of the Orange County Public School Board know that arts education matters for our children and should be maintained even in difficult financial circumstances.

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