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Mark Baratelli is a freakin' Clydesdale - I don't where this guy gets the motivation. Seriously. We've spoken to him several times on our podcasts and this website, a search for 'baratelli' will show you what I mean.

Well, Mark has done it again - I knew he had produced some interviews for this year's Fringe, but today I took a look and noticed he has done 25 (twenty-five) such interviews, and a lot of them were posted just a few days ago. Good work man!

Interview: Poofy du Vey: Courtney Cunningham

Poofy du Vey in "Burden of Poof"
Blogging Fringe Podcast 09
Length: 23:19

Actress and clown Courtney Cunningham joins Ryan Price to talk about her show Poofy du Vey in "Burden of Poof". Courtney is an actor in residence in the Messenger Theatre Company in New York, a Fringe veteran, a graduate of the Dell 'Arte International School of Physical Theatre and a co-founder of Teatre Pape.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Courtney's Website
Poofydu Vey's MySpace
Orlando Fringe

Fringe’s Online Efforts: Mark Baratelli

Blogging Fringe Podcast 08
Length: 21:26

Local podcaster, performer and Orlando Fringe Social Media Coordinator Mark Baratelli talks with Ryan Price about his latest efforts with the Fringe.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Orlando Fringe MySpace
Fringe Shows MySpace
Orlando Fringe Twitter

DRIP: Paint in Motion

Imagine a painting that can paint itself, dance, look at you, touch other paintings and change those others with its own paint. Sounds too good to be true? It might be, but DRIP is bringing it to us.

There is a great interview with Marla Maribal, the artistic director for DRIP, over on her MySpace page.

To The Winners and the Future of Theatre - Podcast 07

Blogging Fringe Podcast 07
Length: 48:07

Wilson Loria, Jeremy Seghers and Brandon Haydon join Ryan Price to speak about To The Winners, a one-man show by Wilson, produced by Jeremy and with original music by Brandon. The conversation gets into the future of theatre and performing arts in general.

Interview with Heather Henson and Jamie Donmoyer

Blogging Fringe Podcast 06
Length: 4:39

The file is just an MP3 - no iPod is required to listen to this show, although that is a popular way to enjoy podcasts.

Fringe Thinktank 01

Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret and Fransisco Laboy of the McGrawsky Files join Blogging Fringe's Ryan Price for a thinktank discussion about how future Fringes can be improved for patrons, producers and organizers alike.

Blogging Fringe Podcast 04
Length: 56:34

The file is just an MP3 - no iPod is required to listen to this show, although that is a popular way to enjoy podcasts.

Interview with TJ Dawe

Show: A Canadian Bartender at Butlin's
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-21 @ 6:00pm, 5-22 @ 10:50pm, 5-24 @ 9:10pm, 5-25 @ 6:15pm, 5-26 @ 9:25pm, 5-27 @ 2:40pm and 5-28 @ 4:30pm
Tickets: $10

Blogging Fringe Podcast 03
Length: 23:07

Interview with Gabi Lorino - Podcast

Show: One Bridesmaid's Descent into Madness
Venue: Blue Venue (Studio B @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 7:30pm, 5-21 @ 1:55pm, 5-23 @ 11:00pm, 5-26 @ 7:40pm, 5-27 @ 9:15pm and 5-28 @ 3:35pm
Tickets: $7

Blogging Fringe Podcast 02
Length: 25:23

Interview with Mark Baratelli on PFA Podcast

Show: Improv Cabaret
Venue: Blue Venue (Studio B @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 2:25pm, 5-21 @ 5:00pm, 5-22 @ 8:25pm, 5-24 @ 6:15pm, 5-25 @ 9:45pm, 5-27 @ 3:45pm and 5-28 @ 12:00pm
Tickets: $7

Mark Baratelli did a very recent guest spot on one of our podcasts, You can't spell crapface without PFA. The show is hosted by Myla Goldberg and The Captain of the Other Team (AKA Ryan Price, who you may have met at Fringe), and is often irreverant and offensive.

If you just can't stand 72 minutes of Mark, Emily and Ryan, I spent 3 hours cutting together this new-and-improved 20-minute-long version for the short of attention span (or time). Here is the link:

Blogging Fringe Podcast 01
Length: 20:16

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