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Hoop de Doo at Fringe

Lacy from the Orlando Community Hooping Initiative (CHI) tells us about her plans for a Hula-Hooping meetup at Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park every Thursday from 6-8PM.

According to the flyer, poi spinners, jugglers, drummers, musicians, circus artists and other skill toy technicians are welcome.

Radio Rickshaw Fringe Episodes Begin!

We all know Radio Rickshaw, and follow closely their coverage of the Fringe. John and Dan's official "Fringe Season" has begun, and here are some of their offerings:

Orlando Fringe Festival Preview 2009
This is an episode from the Fringe Preview on April 13th, recorded live with dozens of performers.

Episode 85: John’s Playhouse
This is an episode with Ryan Price (that's me) as a special guest, talking about Blogging Fringe's plan for this year.

Episode 78: Wayburn and Cory’s Bromance
A few episodes back, they had Wayburn Sassy on as a guest.

TJ Dawe’s Fringe Moment

TJ Dawe tells us about the moment when he fell in love with Fringe Festivals.

Fab Fringe Moments

Donnelly, Dana and Sparky share some Fringe Moments

Becky’s Fringe Moment

Becky reminisces about a dirtier Downtown Fringe of days past.

Poetry at Orlando Fringe

Trevor Frasier reads a commissioned piece from the Poetry Vending Machine entitled “Just About the Annoying Beatles Cover Band”. At the 2008 festival, patrons could have an artist compose an original piece for $5 or a haiku for $1.

Barry’s Fringe Moment

Barry Smith from American Squatter at the Yellow Venue

John Ryan’s Fringe Moment

New Rochelle at the Brown Venue

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