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Blogging Fringe 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino

Late with Lance Download 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino
Length: 36:29

Peter Michael Marino is returning to Orlando this year with a new show in the Bronze Venue - Late with Lance - - Lance is a cruise ship tour director who has come to dry land and invites Liza Minelli, Hugh Jackman, and the Miami Sound Machine to be on his talkshow, for one night only. We discuss Peter's past theatre exploits, from STOMP to directing and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, writing a show based on Desperately Seeking Susan, playing the West End of London and Tokyo. Follow Lance on Twitter or find Lance on Facebook.

Blogging Fringe 1501: Windy Wynazz of Uncouth

Windy Wynazz in Uncouth Download 1501: Windy Wynazz
Length: 36:19

Our first podcast back is with the star and writer of Uncouth, a clown show appearing in the Pink Venue at the 2015 Orlando Fringe festival. Windy lives in Oakland, CA and has played Orlando Fringe in the past as part of "Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson", and brought this show to the New Orleans Fringe in 2014. She will be touring most of the Canadian circuit as well this summer, so wish her well! Check out for more.

Melanie Gall's Accompanist Crisis in 2011

Drama at Fringe! There was a wildfire not too far away from Orlando during the 2011 Fringe, so Melanie was afraid her accompanist would not be able to make it to her last show of My Pal Izzy.

Luckily, he phoned a few minutes after this video was recorded to tell her he thought he would make it after all.

Voci Dance ARTeology at 2011 Orlando Fringe

Genevieve Bernard is the Artistic Director of Voci Dance . Voci's one show will be Sunday, May 29th at 9:20pm

Loch Haven Park by the Big Blue Sculpture

Voci Dance brings yet another site specific piece to the Orlando Fringe.

Join the urban explorers of Voci Dance in a site specific dance installation in Loch Haven Park!

Show begins at 9:20 pm, right before the Fringe Fabby awards.
$5 cash donation in the park!

Movement * Music * Light * Sculpture

One night only!

Elizabeth Maupin Reviews 2011 Orlando Fringe

Elizabeth Maupin has been reviewing arts and culture in Orlando since 1983, and now she is doing it just for fun!

"Betsy" always has great reviews during Fringe, and her new independent site, Elizabeth Maupin on Theater, is better than ever.

Here is her 2011 Fringe home page, About the Fringe. She has also posted reviews of 5 shows as of the first day!

Starving Artist Studios, Kids' Fringe Sponsor

Here is a brief conversation with Tim Evanecki of Starving Artist Studios.

Tim tells me they will be setting up shop in a 2-story building across the street that was once an Animal Hospital. Be on the lookout for this new Orlando Arts Scene citizen soon!

John DiDonna at 2011 Fringe

We caught Fringe Veteran John DiDonna on the Green Lawn of Fabulousness taping flyers to the tables... while they were still being set up!

A bit about his show...
GRAND GUIGNOL PUPPET THEATRE - Punch and Judy Presents at the FRINGE

What do Medussa, Charlie Sheen, and Lady Gaga have in common?
They’ll all have someone’s hand up their ass in this OUTRAGEOUSLY ADULT puppet show!

“Ladies and gentlemen we heartily welcome you,
To the 20th annual Fringe Orlando!
Where Punch and Judy again grace the stage
To pleasure, disgust, and to grossly outrage.”

In a Punch and Judy Tragic-Comedy-Histoire!

The Karate Guy

Michael Marinaccio and Eric Pinder give us a fun look at 80's teen movie parody "The Karate Guy". Pink Venue at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

Department of Angels

What is a day in the life of an angel like? Ben Schave and Caitlin Riley answer that question in their funny and endearing silent show. Green Venue at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

Department of Angels
Green Venue
5/14 THU 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 5:30PM, 5/17 SUN 10:30PM, 5/20 WED 7:40PM, 5/21 THU 11:00PM, 5/23 SAT, 10:15PM, 5/24 SUN 5:00PM

Adrienne's Favorite Fringe Food

Adreinne gives us the skinny on what's good at the 2009 Fringe. Namely, hot dogs.

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