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Fringe Crush: Kate Davis

Parlour Games in Brown Venue

Fringe Crush: Ryan

Come to Florida Creatives Happy Hour on Monday at the Beer Tent

Fringe Crush 2008!

Well Fringe 2008 is here and we love it just like we love Fringe Crushes!!!

Check back often as the Fringe love is already flowing!

Fringe Crush: Logan

Logan, one of the writers of High School Queerbook, shares his crush secrets.

Keepin’ the FRINGE CRUSH love alive…

Resident curmudgeon Linwood Sassy posted some link bait for me... I'll bite!

Dammit! I never got the friggen chance to reveal MY "Cringe Crush" at this year's fest. (Some of us are Entertainment LEGENDS and had SOLD OUT shows to do, ya bastards!)

I loved Poofy du Vey. A woman in a clown nose turns me ON!

Oh...and thanks a bunch to you folks that crushed ME.

Here it is… the last Fringe Crush Alert!!

Well it's 2 days after the Fringe and I've just uploaded the last of my Fringe crush videos. What? believe it or not it takes about 15 mins for each 1 minute video. Till next year- I crush on you all!

And just for fun, you can see all 39 Fringe Crushes! Posted there for your crushing pleasure! Enjoy!

Top Six Fringe Crushes

“I have a crush on EVERY BOY!” No, not really, but close!

6. Tod Kimbro. I failed to get to his show, but I saw him everywhere, laughing and enjoying everything. And I regretted not seeing his show intensely. I loved his score for DRIP, and I have made up my mind that he’ll be the first thing I see next year.

5. Max from Six Characters. I don’t know exactly what it was. The way he pulls out his gun in the priest uniform. The way he first flips the bird.

OK, so now what?

Hot on the heels of posting about Emily's record review, let me point you to P-Sha Productions on YouTube (which I'm sure is temporary until they get a real web site) for one. P-Sha is Denna and her friend Joey's creative venture. You've seen their work in the "Little Mark" videos and Fringe Crush of course.

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