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Orlando’s Performing Arts Center Approved

That's right. Thursday night, July 26th, 2007 the Orange County Commission met and voted on the building of a new sports arena (for the Orlando Magic, the old one is to be sold and demolished), some renovations on the 70+ year old Citrus Bowl (home of the Capital One Bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl, and... not much else), and of most importance to you, the Dr.

Quick update on the Fabbys!

I realise now - I should have left this on the Blogging Fringe Voicemail Review Hotline.

It’s crunch time at the Fringe

Patron’s Picks are being predicted, already. And you’ve all seen the lines wrapped around the box office computers.

It’s getting tense. There will be more handing out of little flyers, more rushes for tickets for shows you haven’t seen, more final performances for certain shows, more beer tent melees, more of everything, for five more days.

So who better to come out of blogging hiding than BF’s Head Bitch in Charge (otherwise known as the HBIC)?

That’s right kids, I’m back. But I can say that I haven’t seen a show I haven’t liked thus far, so no worries.

Video: PIE FIGHT! Orlando Fringe 2007

On Monday night at the Orlando Fringe, the cast of Six Characters: Best Show Ever from NY, NY had an event where patrons got to throw pies in the face of a character.

Later, Rye from Influx Dance (Boston, MA) gave our producer Ryan a rainbow tattoo sporting the phrase "Become a Rockstar".

Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 3

This episode comes to us straight from the official Blogging Fringe tent on the lawn at the Loch Haven Park.

No fair! Real life gets in the way….

Today, day 2 aka Saturday was a get a really cool toy but then you have to go to Grandma’s day. You know when for whatever reason you finally got a snazzy toy you’ve been waiting for forever but then you have to leave it because you have to go to Grandma’s house. That was my Saturday! Just when the Fringe is in full swing I have to leave it and go to work! At least I got to play for just a bit before rushing off to work the box office for Camelot. At least it’s my final shift while the fringe is here.

Ryan’s Day 3

The scene at the tent

So this year for Fringe, in addition to providing day-by-day accounts of what's going on, reviews of the shows we see (we being me and 3+ other people, come help out if you like), making the occasional video and taking some photos, I am doing something else. I have a vendor space in the "Beer Tent" area (beer is NOT Orlando Brewing like I thought).

Holy Jesus in Montana… I’m already tired

And it’s only day 2!

Tonight was a good salad night. You know, when you have a salad and it’s just the right mix. Not too much lettuce or dressing or other random vegetables that you might enjoy. It was a fun night with just the right shows, food from the fringe vendors and chat with Fringe friends! Megan from ">Cupid and Psyche (orange venue) tells me she was pleased with their first show and that they came in on time!

I love this time of year!

Wow! What a fun night!! Opening night of the 16th Annual Orlando FRINGE! All decked out in my mod 60's best I headed to the 1st offical night of Fringe!!! Mingling with people some of which I haven’t seen since last year, I chatted it up with the likes of John Sullivan and friends from Suitcase of Memories, Jamesson Beane and Logan Donohoo of Coming In, Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret just to name a few.

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