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Video: Orlando Fringe 2007s Visual Fringe

As of Day 4 of the 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, the

Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 3

This episode comes to us straight from the official Blogging Fringe tent on the lawn at the Loch Haven Park.

No fair! Real life gets in the way….

Today, day 2 aka Saturday was a get a really cool toy but then you have to go to Grandma’s day. You know when for whatever reason you finally got a snazzy toy you’ve been waiting for forever but then you have to leave it because you have to go to Grandma’s house. That was my Saturday! Just when the Fringe is in full swing I have to leave it and go to work! At least I got to play for just a bit before rushing off to work the box office for Camelot. At least it’s my final shift while the fringe is here.

Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 1

The 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival kicked off on May 17th with a series of parties, performances and a

Creative Video Ads for Improv Cabaret

Denna and Joey from P'shaw Productions have made two awesome ads for Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret recently.

Linwood Sassy’s Screw You Review

I've just finished writing a post over on Orlando Video about Dewey Chaffee. You might recognize the name, but if not, just know that he is associated with a certain grumpy old man who has emerged as one of the early adopters of this whole YouTube/MySpace/promote your show/promote early/promote often... thing. If you have a Fringe show, look at what Linwood and Dewey are putting together.

I can't really say what the show is all about, but it's very clear that Linwood thinks our little festival is below his celebrity.

Video: Billet for a Superpass

If you haven't seen it on MySpace, check out this entertaining video by Mark Baratelli asking patrons to house out-of-town performers. Beth Marshall will give you a Fringe Superpass if you do!

Do you know any other festivals that give free tickets for services like this?

New! Blogtracker and Video

If you visit our web site over at, you will see a handful of new pages.

Patroncast for 2007 in Orlando

Does Blogging Fringe get to post stuff to Patroncast? I guess so. What is Patroncast? Well our good friend Mark Baratelli has put together a little video to help us out. He even lets us know that Patroncast is now open for submissions.

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